Let’s Play

The sweet, sweet joy of colorful possibilities...

I’ve been waking up earlier than usual to use the quiet of the morning to really hear myself. You do know that once the rest of the family wakes up and all the hustle and bustle starts, things can get pretty crazy. So this is where I am: I am enrolled in Flora Bowley’s Bloom True e-course and it’s the first week and I’m going to tell you it’s heaven-sent. Like I know (the way you know when you are meant to be exactly where you are right now) this was really given to me by something bigger than me, and sure I prayed for it and I moved my ass to get this going (with a little help from family and friends) but you know what I mean by how things are simply orchestrated for the purpose of your being? Well nothing could be clearer than this. I am so awake to this “presence” and it’s wonderful. I just want to be here. I don’t want to go wandering off to the future thinking ‘oh dear, what if I lose this magic?’ or ‘what if I get disconnected?’ Sounds ridiculous, right? But we all go there. It’s a place of doubt. It’s that fear gremlin that tries to derail you from your tracks. Well, guess what? You are bigger and better than that fear gremlin. Yup. But he’s gotta do his job and you have to do yours. That’s all.

I’m off the make some Benguet coffee now – a must-try if you ever find yourself in the Philippines! That, and Barako coffee. The house is going to be filled with its cozy aroma, the sun will slowly come out, the birds will sing and chat and make plans, and I’ll go through the affirmations I just made about my being an artist. And I think I shall paint some of them on paper and post them around my work play area.

It’s time to re-create the not-so-nice story we create about ourselves and choose kinder, nicer, and more loving words. I think it’s also about time we allow a little more playtime in our lives… the kind of playtime that is deeply involved with heart and body and not so much the mind… the one that makes you smile the happy smile… the one of light and joy in awe of everything, even the little things. Oh yes, the little things.


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