Leap (Being Brave)

Look who's blooming... and look who's hiding behind the canvas - Dharma the cat. If you look even more closely, Sky the other cat is under the couch. They are very supportive creatures. Seriously!

Okay, you know this leap of faith business, you’ve done it a number of times, probably enough to realize it’s not all that romantic; the magic fades. And now that you’re 42, it’s not alarming to be a little cynical. You don’t know how this cynicism rubbed off on you but it’s telling you: “it’s just another one of those stupid concepts'” people use for the event to sound miraculously foolproof. Not only does it address itself as a message from something divine and all-knowing, it assures you that everything is going to be just fine. Cynically speaking, if there is such a thing, you really don’t know for sure if you can be okay with that.

You are lousy at being cynical by the way. Stop buying time. You have mastered the leap of faith method and it doesn’t matter if it is stripped off of its once so intense and charming appeal.  You know it has to be done. Gather courage from all the places in your heart. Take a look at its robes and strip these off. You know that one must leap with a trembling courage; naked, open with only your life stories to guarantee the feathers for your wings or the feathers to cushion your fall. And fall you will from a place of once was comfort. Fall you will to no one knows exactly where.

Are you willing to accept that faith isn’t going to assure you it will always be around? Do you realize you must do what you are most afraid of doing and it takes a little more than faith to help you with this?

You have bargained for time all too frequently. I hate to say this but you’ve used up all your credits here. You could try and come up with a new scheme and negotiate with a new strategy. But time has already been bargained for and it’s decided to let you know it has spent much too long in the future for you. Oh and try not to use the phrase “I know time will come” which you shuffle around by also saying “the right time will come”. Those phrases have expired. Today. Time is now revealing itself to you and it doesn’t need you to describe it as right or wrong. Time says NOW. Stop waiting. Trust you have what it takes to FLY.

Last Saturday I opened one of my journals and discovered I wrote the above. I forgot to put a date, but it was probably written some time October last year. I felt a big ‘wow’ inside and instantly knew I had to share it here along with the photo that spoke clearly to my heart in February. When I say clearly, I also mean loud – loud as in bold. I went out there and said, “I am an Artist.” Is that perfect? Nope. It is about embracing all the imperfections, and discovering the gifts. And feeling scared and  certain and oh so vulnerable at the same time. A lot of texture in that, I must say.

If you are in a place that is asking you to take that leap, it is my sincere wish this journal entry of mine will help you in some way. We can fly together!


6 thoughts on “Leap (Being Brave)

  1. How amazing, as if you wrote those words to encourage yourself now. Encourage all of us, today. I resonate with this description of how you feel: “And feeling scared and certain and oh so vulnerable at the same time.” Yes! I feel that way so often. It’s easier to stay safe. I thank you for sharing your words, your feelings, your encouragement with us in the Photo-Heart Connection.

  2. What powerful words! Especially…. “Are you willing to accept that faith isn’t going to assure you it will always be around? Do you realize you must do what you are most afraid of doing and it takes a little more than faith to help you with this?” And your photo, complete with kitty going behind the artwork, is priceless. Thank you for sharing this with all of us.

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