Mirror Bird

Mirror Bird by creative_jen
Mirror Bird, a photo by creative_jen on Flickr.

I love this mirror bird. I love the way it seems as if I released her from the itouch and she stretched, and arched in sweet delight and spread her wings to fly.

This is by far the best bathroom I’ve been to in a cafe. It had its own speakers; the clear sound of water, a river passing through rocks, bird song, and what sounded like a light breeze and the dancing and swaying of leaves brushing against each other. It gave this cozy space a sense of calm and a sense of cleansing. Great, right? Brick wall, pebbles in the sink (as filter), plants, little love notes, pretty birds everywhere, some lavender soap, a gentle and forgiving light so that when you look at yourself in the big and very clean mirrors it’s not horrific and harsh fluorescent white.

I can’t believe I managed to remember what was painted in script on one wall:

“Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?” Matthew 6:26

I agree, we shouldn’t worry. At all. The simple Buddhist rule about worry is: Don’t.

But, I do not think we are more valuable than the birds or the ants. We are all held in equal value, each one with a purpose that serves another.

The Photo-Heart Connection is something I now look forward to participating in every month. It feels like going to church or to a special temple where you can reflect on the images or events of your life and have a deeper appreciation for everything. The challenge, though, is having to choose what image speaks to your heart the most. All my images have my heart in them; and most of them have a story.  So, sometimes it’s a little difficult to just choose one to share, or find that one moment truly special. But that’s what it’s all about to begin with.  That is part of the challenge; to not only use our eyes, we also need to truly listen.

I feel so much for this photo because of the message, the moment, the bird and the marks on her body and wings. I see how I am expressing all these different parts of myself and I also realize here that I am so tuned in and listening. I wish all of you many days like this. I wish all of you the kind of smile I have on my face to be the kind of smile that could have a place in your heart.

Perhaps we are all mirroring each other. Perhaps our surroundings are mirroring our minds. May we find moments that are very much like the churches or temples we desire to seek refuge in; where it is so quiet, the messages are loud and clear.

The month of March felt like a huge chunk of it was about Two Takes. A class that has had a huge impact on my growth as an artist. Wow. What an amazing experience! You can have a look over here if you like. May I add that I am surrounded by very brave and very soulful women, and that is such a gift! So, thank you to you, those who are in Two Takes, and, thank you Tracey Clark and Bindu Wiles – you are my heroes. Thank you for your generosity, light, and wisdom.

Another thing about March – I realized how much I love ‘prompts’! They are truly the much needed spark for one’s creativity! Doesn’t this all tie in? I’m a happy mirror bird for being featured here and, naturally, I want to share it with you because I want you to be brave in all those steps you are taking in becoming who you are.

I want to leave you something from Neale Donald Walsch:

The universe is conspiring in your favor. It is placing before you in every moment all of the right and perfect people, circumstances, and situations with which to answer life’s only question:  Who am I.

Have you decided yet?

Happy Easter everyone! May it be a meaningful one; big or small, whatever race or religion, whatever situation.


15 thoughts on “Mirror Bird

  1. Beautiful and joyful heart connection Jennifer! I love the genuine smile on your face in this photo, and the gratitude that comes through in your words throughout. I am filled with a wonderful energy reading this! Thank you for joining in the Photo-Heart Connection. I am happy you are continuing to take the time to find your heart connection each month!

  2. jennifer – your photo-heart connection is truly beautiful. i too have found this monthly gathering to be a highlight. i love the opportunity to make the connection….and then to share it….and then to see what others have connected with and shared. your smile here is so genuine and open and accepting….radiating. this is lovely. {and hey – i’m in two takes too! 🙂 }

  3. jennifer – you photo-heart connection is beautiful. i too find this to be a monthly highlight. i love being given the opportunity to make the connection…and then to share it…and then to see what others have connected with and shared. your smile here is so genuine and happy and true…it radiates with your words. {and hey – i’m in two takes too! 🙂 }

  4. I love seeing your smile in the mirror – so joyful. I enjoyed reading your words, too. I believe that the universe in conspiring in my favor… leaving me breadcrumbs to follow… if I only look and listen 🙂

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