Rise. Warm up. Write. Create. Cook. Make. Sit. Breathe. Love. Be happy. Choose. Find. Peace. Work. Play. Smile. Sip. Think. Pause. Elevate.

We are all given pockets of time to simply transform any situation we are in into something more meaningful. It wasn’t difficult for me to choose this month’s photo-heart connection because the month of August was a whirlwind of events that had me in so many places that when I remember this particular moment, I remember a certain formula that keeps me grounded; a certain formula that helps me to find the magic in what may seem like just another morning, just another day.

What that formula it is exactly I’m not sure I know how to explain or even equate. I’m not even sure I make perfect sense. But what I do know is we all try to make it from point A to point B and then from B to C and so forth and so on, and hopefully the sum equals to something that is happy or peaceful – how? Maybe you learned more patience. Maybe you learned to stop and appreciate something in your life. Maybe you helped someone. Maybe you were more gentle to your heart and more loving to your body. Maybe you were more forgiving of the thoughts in your mind. Maybe you are learning to forgive yourself little by little and therefore you are more forgiving of others. Maybe you are learning to find love in those little places. Maybe you made someone smile. Maybe you are realizing your courage in the things you do everyday. Maybe you are finally seeing more and more beauty around you and you are learning that beauty can be found in the imperfections you try so hard to make perfect – maybe you have learned to let go of trying so hard to be perfect. Maybe you are more accepting and open, and therefore feeling more free.

When things don’t seem to add up, perhaps all you need is a few minutes to pause and remember your formula. When things feel too mundane you want to cry, perhaps you are forgetting you have the power to elevate everything in your life.


For inspiration and more about learning how to elevate everything in your life, I encourage you to visit the Shutter Sisters blog.  And for more inspiration, you may also want to check out the book Elevate the Everyday by Tracey Clark. Nothing like a beautiful book in your hands.


6 thoughts on “Elevate

  1. There is not like a beautiful book in your hands, I agree! Wonderful photo and heart connection this month Jen. We all have our own formula, and it might vary from day-to-day. What I see in your photo is very similar to my morning routine… taking a moment to write and drink a cup of tea. Love it!

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