Glowing Pains

Untitled by creative_jen
Untitled, a photo by creative_jen on Flickr.

Last night, after feeling drained from the day’s dramas, I called a friend to ask for some help.

Were the planets in some strange alignment? I asked. Why were things so weird and painful and messy “in there”. I was in a place that hurt and I have been trying to let it go but it all came back. It’s me, right? I asked again. It’s my fault. That would be Buddhist. My own doing. I need to forgive all this. I need to cut the cord, release that anchor from my heart, another friend lovingly suggested. You have to make that decision, she urged, to let it ALL go.

Last night I was also reminded to concentrate on my heart chakra. This morning the candle glow gave me this. I am in tears.


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