Sometimes she’s tough and bad ass and mean and messy.

And things fall apart and feel like shoe laces that have come undone.

And you don’t want to tie them.

Not now.

Not yet.


5 thoughts on “Shoes

  1. Found you! What a lovely “footnote” Jen 😉
    Yes, sometimes we want to walk with shoelaces untied as if by doing so we are living life by some measure, a little dangerously…

  2. I follow you on instagram. Your comment about being alone touched me.. After a 23 year marriage , I now am’s very painful… In time I hear It will feel better

    • Dearest Maria,

      I am touched the image on my Instagram about feeling alone has touched a place in your heart and has even brought you here. It’s a bit ironic – I am in a 21 year relationship with my husband and I still have many, many moments of this feeling of aloneness. I’m saying this so as not to belittle where you are right now, in fact my writing this is a way to hug you and say, even if the events in our lives are a bit different, I understand the feeling. And yes, it will get better, Maria, do not lose hope. You are in a new chapter in your life, and while that may feel scary and lonely right now (I imagine you have your good days, too), I hope you can little by little find ways to embrace this aloneness and find the light and beauty in it, in you. Remember, everything is temporary, whether joy or sorrow and we are all one in that for sure.

      Lots of Love,

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