You Are Loved

you are loved notes written from the hearts of marcus and jen

‘you are loved’ notes written from the hearts of marcus and jen

I have been encouraging this project for some years now. I remember being inspired by another blogger (I am forgetting who and where that post is at the moment, sorry! But I am acknowledging the spark came from there, thank you!) and I kept on wondering how I would begin and how it could be more meaningful. Once I had the answer to how to make it more meaningful, it was pretty easy to begin.  I wanted to involve my son, Marcus, and I presented the project or the challenge as something that would be a month long activity first (something I incorporated as a homeschool activity) with each of us coming up with five inspiring notes everyday. He decorated an empty biscuits container and ‘ala piggy bank style’ we would drop in our folded notes.

One month of doing five notes a day gave us a collection of heartfelt words scribbled like love notes or reminders ready to be scattered in to the world. The motivation was pure and simple. I wanted to give the gift of love and it would be received by whoever needed it the most. I also wanted to teach this kind of ‘giving’ by demonstrating to Marcus the many ways he can reach out and help someone; that it doesn’t always necessarily involve being able to give money or food. I want him to learn the significance of being able to inspire others and to realize the joy it brings – and the bonus would be the effect of remembering the lesson myself.

Every now and then, we randomly pick ten notes each, and bring them with us when we go to a mall. It transforms the mere going to the mall into a ‘mission’ – a ‘You Are Loved’ mission.  We look for cracks, pages, corners – any place – and feeling a little mischievous, we slip our notes like undetected love bombs, fragile and powerful. The secret messages are ready to explode. We have activated all switches and it’s only a matter of time.

As I remain curious about how many of the notes have been discovered, I think about the different explosions of surprise and wonder we have already been responsible for. I stay hopeful each time someone finds a note, a light flashes and something in that moment is very clear and peaceful. I hope a sense of knowing  sparks and there is a twinkling in the eyes as the message reveals a gift or an answer. And as I type this I think: May the breath of a joyful smile be heard as the sweetest sigh of one’s arrival at the heart of truly feeling ‘You Are Loved’.

Here are some of the notes we have already set ‘free’. Whenever we pick our ten or so notes to be distributed,  we write down the ones we chose just as an extra special activity for us – perhaps we could use a little dose of our own medicine. I especially enjoy picking the notes of *Marcus. I like reading his words. He has so much simple wisdom.

Be Forgiving.

Nothing in life is permanent. Not even your sorrow.

It will all fall into place.

Be strong.

You are far more beautiful inside. Smile.

The purpose of your life is to be the best of who you are and be happy.

*Everything is a blessing in disguise.

*Start right now. You have God’s support.

*At least 100 people love you. All of them pray for you.

*Change starts with you. The man in the mirror.


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